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Recreation for families


My name is Mike, and I work for a nonprofit called Challenge America. We are working to connect military members and their families to local resources for transition from military to civilian life. I am looking for successful recreational programs/organizations for veterans and their families?

I appreciate your feedback!

Please visit our site at: http://www.challengeamerica.com

PTSD - Signs & Symptoms - What Families should know


Signs & Symptoms of PTSD - Michael Myers, Christian Psychiatrist
Paraphrased and Notes taken by Carol L. Breiling, Certified Christian Life Coach
The Mind ReAligned 707-365-8008



I am the mother of a 9 year U.S. Army Veteran who was diagnosed with PTSD almost 4 years ago. When he returned home to his new "wife" of less than two years, the first nine months of which he was stationed overseas and she was here in the U.S., my son discovered sadly that his new wife has some serious psychological issues of her own. When she became angry or upset with him, she would become physically and verbally abusive. This happened on a regular basis.

Military and military Spouse Education Opportunities


As a retired military spouse I have much understanding how moving impacts our professional life as well as education opportunities that have come and gone. This is why I am part of a team of military spouses located throughout the US who represent a medical assistant/billing & coding/pharmacy tech portable training program. This program is a 6 month certification program that allows portability while training and once certified (by a the National HealthCareer Association) provides opportunities for portable careers in the medical field.

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The Department of Defense is designing many tools to meet your needs. If you are interested in contributing ideas and participating in shaping these products, please take a couple of minutes to complete our brief survey located at


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Social Anxiety Disorder


I'd like start this thread for any other ex-military kids who may struggle with this issue, possibly due to the constant moving while growing up (I'm not saying every kid was affected by this, but for those who think they may have been, I am starting this thread).

The Children of Military Families


One of my greatest talents is my ability to relate to and communicate with children. I have always loved children. I raised 5 biological children, including two sets of twins born 20 months apart, and I am currently parenting my 16 year old step son, who lost his mother last year in a sudden episode of anaphalactic shock in repsonse to the ingestion of pine nuts. I also raised 30 foster children.

Family Readiness Groups and Their Effectiveness


I have worked for awhile in Family Readiness as a Group Leader. The first comment that I would like to make is concerning the value of that program both in regard to meeting regulations, and concerning concrete family support from the Army toward Families. My husband has been gone for 8 months now. The regultions, that because of my training with Family Readiness, I know to be in place, have not been met.

Wounded Warrior Family Caregivers


Those of us who have children or family members who have been severely wounded in Iraq or Afjanistan know how expensive and time consuming it can be care for them. My wife and I have spent thousands of dollars of our own money to take care of our son and I don't regret for a second the cost we have incurred nor the hundreds of hours we have spent taking him to appointments and surgeries however if can cause a huge financial burden to the caregiver. There may be help on the way.


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