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How many meals in a row have you eaten alone?


I think this is a pretty good and straightforward way of quantifying social isolation.

I'm currently at 21, but have loose plans to have dinner with one of my sons tonight (if he doesn't cancel). This number is pretty typical.

I've gone up to 84. :o (but who's counting?)

Why I joined the NAVY and MARINES!


All of my life, I always wanted to make a difference. I watched many of my friends drop out of high school, get messed up with the wrong kinds of friends or just lie around (day to day). I had heard "AMAZING" stories concerning secret experiments that dealt with the U.S. Navy, N. Tesla, (like the Philly Experiment). I always wondered how "AWSOME" it would to actually be there wheather it was in 1945 or 1985. I always time travel and some of N. Tesla experiments were "super advanced" and actually "Advanced our country and "state of economy". I read of N.

Flags For Memorial Day


Memorial Day is almost here and if you're in need of American Made Flags, please stop by our website at Veteran Owned and Operated from Texas.

Veterans receive 5% discount. Coupon Code: veterans

New Here...PTSD Question


I was in Desert Storm. For years I never even considered myself a candidate for PTSD; I didn't get shot, I didn't shoot anybody. It's just that things have never been the same since I went. I've had difficulty keeping jobs long-term. I start projects and don't finish them. I get really depressed. More and more of those closest to me have told me that I am not the same person I was before I left.

Since it's been over twenty years since I was in the war, would I still be someone considered as suffering from PTSD? How would I start the process of finding out?

Assisted Living/Hospice care for veterans


That six men and women were interred into the National Cemetary at Santa Fe, New Mexico as unclaimed bodies is a scarilage. That there is a large number of veterans who have no immediate family, or extended family, At their passing there is no one to mourn the loss of these warriors, no one to remember them and the service they made to this country with their willingness to place themselves in harms way for the benefit of everyone else.

Trouble transitioning


Hey first time posting anything on this site. I'm not usually one to look for advice but in this case i could use some words of wisdom. i served from 2009-2012 and did one tour in Afghanistan in 2010 as a 19d (scout). I wouldnt trade those experiances for anything but i also feel it is a double edge sword because a lot of times i struggle to relate to my old friends or family. I started college in January and i absoultely love it and im doing really well academically.

Military Service / PTSD / Relationship Communication Survey


Military friends, both active and veteran, please take a moment to complete the short survey for a research project I am working on with some colleagues. I appreciate your participation! We are requesting it is completed by April 11th.

Feel free to share!

Want free books?


When I got a smart phone I found out you can read books on them. Mine is a droid, and I use a free app called Aldiko. The best thing is I found several sources for free books. If you know of other ones, please add to this list. Has a free library of science fiction and fantasy books. I'm a big fan of David Drake and John Ringo. books are sorted by genre, you can search by title/author Named after the guy who invented the printing press. HUGE amount of books in various formats

Survery - Anonymous Research for Class


I'm in a Communications Class where we were asked to design a campaign based on an important issue. Veteran health and well being are very important to me so that is where my campaign went. I am very new to making campaigns and doing survey studies to test campaign effectiveness. Mind you this is a test campaign therefor NOT an active website. Sponsorship was based on the idea of who we thought that was local to our area that would possibly sponsor our campaign. So there is no official sponsorship from the company listed. All answers are anonymous.


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