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Veteran treated bad by a retailer


I am searching for at least 1 veteran or any1 with PTSD or agoraphobia who's located in, near or around Delaware, Maryland or Virginia who has been treated bad in anyway by a retail store or refusing to accommodate. Preferably in DE. I will explain further details in private message. If you personally haven't and know some1 else who's been through a horrible experience with a store please message me. Thanks

a round peg into a square hole


I am an Army Veteran. Airborne Infantry. A mortar man. I was neither in Iraq nor Afghanistan. I joined in 1987 and, after OSUT, was stationed in Alaska at Ft Richardson. I met my wife there and was married on 29 Dec 1990, the day that was also both my birthday and my wife’s birthday. Our daughter was born at Ft Bragg, NC the following fall and a year later our son was born in Germany, while was assigned to a leg unit. He was born 2 1/2 month premature and spent three months in a German hospital in NICU. The Army would not allow him into an Army hospital.

army veteran needs help


I'm an honorably discharged veteran and I need help you can learn more at I have a pile of unpaid bills a full time job but not enough money do pay them. I'm currently seeing a specialist for an unknown medical condition that's causing me to rapidly loose weight and puts me in immense pain. My vehicle is literally so close to falling apart I'm amazed its lasted as long as it has.

PTSD and Holidays


From I posted this on the Families forum too.

reoccurring Navy dream


I did an enlistment in the Navy and was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. If anyone knows about this area they know that all the ships are apart of FDNF. Anywho, I've been home for almost 3 years now and I keep having these dreams that I'm back in Japan and on the same ship. But as i'm walking around, I realize its in real time. In the middle of the dream I always wake up breathing hard as if it was a nightmare I just had. I wish I could understand why I keep having these dreams and if its actually a sign of PTSD.... Please help me understand fellow vets

PTSD Coach On Line


They also have a mobile app, for your smart phones.

Can't hurt to check them out. You can't wind up with less help by doing it.

Career Training for Veterans!



The Auto Industry is looking for FINANCE & INSURANCE Managers nationwide.
Start making an “above average” income after just 4 weeks of intensive training.
Using your Post-911 benefits you will be qualified to start making a minimum of $60,000++/yearly upon certification.*

Call Ms. Street at 202.563.8874 for information.

*Veteran Accredited Training Program. Job assistance available upon certification.

Can you help out a Marine and father of 2?


If you have the time maybe you can checkout the GoFundMe page link below to see the complete story. You then have the option to help out. If not, maybe you might consider sharing the link for others to see.

The Evolution of Warfare


Came across a couple of facts, somewhat startling.

In WWII, the average infantryman faced 10 days of combat a year.

In Vietnam, it was 240 days. Anyone know what it averages in Iraq and Afghanistan? I think this goes a LONG way to explaining why Vietnam veterans had more problems than WWII veterans had.

Also Vietnam was the first war where they measured victory NOT by territory gained, but by body count. Au Drang was considered a great victory because we killed 12 of theirs for every one of ours we lost.

Military pumpkins!


Veterans United is offering free stencils to carve military-themed pumpkins!!!

Can we post pictures here so everyone could show how theirs came out?

(And will the Marines carve theirs using a Kbar?) 8)


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