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Hows it going? My name is Steven Hoeke and I am a disabled Marine veteran whos suffered for many years with PTSD. It was to the point of near suicide. I was a very violent and irritable guy which could snap any second. Today I have 0 symptoms of PTSD, im fully recovered and doing amazing!

CDC Seeks Military Candidates for Anti Smoking Campaign


The Centers for Disease Control is currently seeking candidates for its 2016 Tips from Former Smokers Campaign.

Each year the CDC campaign features real people who have smoked during
their lives and are chronically ill. For 2016, the CDC is looking for former smokers that are serving or have served in the military and are suffering from smoking related illnesses. Below is a link to our site that gives some more details.

or call 844-274-9816 for more information

TBI and/or PTS No Cost Treatment


My name is Jodi Curry and I am the Patient Advocate at the Carrick Brain Centers. We have a Veteran Program here to assist those who are suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress due to combat. I was hired on staff at Carrick to work with all the veterans that come through the program, my husband served in OIF and OEF and has made his way through the Carrick Program. We are both walking testimonies of how this program can work not only for the Veteran but also his/her family.

Ultra Accessible Rental homes


Hello ,

Is it possible ?


Hello, everybody!

I am posting this message for my friend who is a Vietnam veteran and used to write here on this site under the name of "Cavalrysword"!
Those of you who has red his posts on this message board, I am sure , you as I, felt his sincerity, his compassion, the down to earth attitude and the integrity he has .
He is practicing with the most kindness and he is one of those persons who take care of others all the time and now he is the one who needs help.

VA home loans


If anyone is looking for help with a VA home loan, call 888-573-4496. VA Home Loan Centers assists veterans, active duty, and family members with VA mortgages. These loans have $0 down, $0 closing costs and easy credit qualifications. Visit for more information.

Help getting back in school.


I am in need of some assistance getting back into school. I owe my previous college so they are holding my transcripts. I am supposed to start in October and need to have it cleared up by then. More info is on my page. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PTSD Woodwork Therapy


I am a US Army veteran of Afghanistan, and as a result of my experiences overseas, I suffer from PTSD and TBI. For those unfamiliar with these conditions, it results in me feeling symptoms of anxiety, depression, and lack of emotional control. In addition to seeking professional treatment, I've also looked for other ways to manage my PTSD. The one that i've found most helpful is woodwork.

Someone to talk to


This is my very first post. I really am just hoping to find someone on here that has had or is having the same or similar problems I am having. I need someone to talk to about them as I am not ready to let a psych doc get into my head. I have been out of the service for some time now (7 years), and my obsession with survival has taken shape in just about everything that I do. I relate it to everything, where I am willing to go, what I am willing to do, even spending money. I literally have anxiety about spending money on anything that is not necessary.

Question for Retired Military


Hi! I'm conducting a research project for a class I'm taking and retired military is my target audience.

Q: Have you ever volunteered regularly, more than five times a month, or are you currently doing so?

If yes, what are some of the personal benefits you see in doing this?


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