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I need to be heard


I am no one special but I need to be heard is there anyone out there? I am a veteran I have suffered from ptsd this year will be half of my life. How can you let the ptsd go when everybody around you reminds you of it everyday. I can let it go but nobody else can. Over the years I had to learn to let go of the hate. It is never enough.I watched my friends suffer and I put them in the ground that was not enough. I have spent half my life being talked about and around but never to that was not enough. Recently I have had respiratory problems to where it is hard to talk.

Drexel University Online Research Survey for Veterans


Recruiting Military Veterans for an Online Survey: "Reacting to Stressful Events: How Veterans Cope"

Combat Veterans interested in Sailing


US Patriot Sailing is recruiting Combat and Wounded Veterans to participate in competitive sailing events in Norfolk, VA and Annapolis, MD.
Our goal is to get Combat Veterans back in a team environment and participate in competitive sailing. We will have several sailing event each week in Norfolk from April through October 2016. Please contact me for more information at

Post service depression and anxiety


So I am just wondering if anyone has any advice. I served in the Army for 4 years. No extensive conditions while on tour. Everything luckily was safe for me.

Lately I have been getting stressed about a lot! From financial issues to daily tasks, things have frustrated me. I don't feel like its PTSD but how do I know? Is it just stress because of so much going wrong in life? Or is it something bigger. I've also thought about anti depressants. Has anyone else tried them with luck?

A Short Poem


My Enemy

When I aim down my sights, I don't think of hate.

I know he does for the same reasons I.

For love of Family, country, and yes Pride.

This much he truly believes, as much as I.

I wish I could help him, to make his life better.

But, that's no where we're at, I can feel his ill will.

As he means to harm mine, I forgive him before I kill him.



Hello! I am new to this site. Can someone please tell me where I could ask help for post-war anxiety? Thank you!

Served Veterans Android app


Hi guys,

I made a free Android app with veteran news, benefits & stories.
I hope you like it.

Please let me know what news sources you would love to see in this app.

PTSD Veterans Film


We are putting together a film about PTSD and we need active duty/veterans willing to record a short web-video about their experience with PTSD. The video would be your name, rank, struggle with PTSD and ideas about how to combat this problem. We would use this as promotional material for fundraising our video.


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