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Veterans Education Success


If you have been ripped off by a for-profit college, there are several things you can do to get a remedy. The VA has a GI Bill Feedback System that requires the school to respond. Veterans Education Success also helps vets who have been ripped off.

"PTSD wont kill me". Story and ways to help this real warrio


Hello!! Please take some time to read this story about an amazing veteran. He was an Army Combat Medic and had two deployments as a front line medic with the Infantry. He sustained blast injuries from IEDs. One while riding in a vehicle and another one he stepped on while rushing in to save a fallen brother. But today we are focusing on another injury he sustained. One that can't be seen or removed with surgery. One that is a considered a diagnosis of death.

Veterans Call App


Hi veterans,

I want to introduce you to our new app, Veterans Call -, that supports organizations who provide services for America's veterans, active service military and their families. Veterans Call offers individuals a simple, effective way to give back, positively impacting the lives of our country's servicemembers in just a few clicks.

She Will Be Loved - PTSD MOVIE


CoffeeRing Entertainment -- an Award-Winning production company -- is half-way through shooting a new film that is centered around wartime PTSD, with a goal to shed some light on this debilitating disorder. It's an amazing film project, and they need YOUR HELP to see it through. Please take a look at their fundraising campaign (link below) and get involved! If you can not afford a financial contribution, please consider spreading the word on your social networks. It all makes a difference, and your time is very much appreciated.

Uniformed Services Justice & Advocacy Group (USJAG)



The Uniformed Services Justice & Advocacy Group (USJAG) serves soldiers and veterans
who have-or are in the process of being-separated from service under less than honorable conditions
when a nexus between service-related medical or mental health conditions or disorders and the
reason for separation can be established. For more information on our organization, please visit
our web-site;

Vietnam Helmet Red Painted X


New to the forum because I'm curious out a photo I found of some troops deployed during the 1967 Detroit Riots supposedly just back from Vietnam and they have a red X painted across the tops of their helmets. Does anyone have a guess at why this would be? Appreciate any feedback thanks!

Looking for help finding my father


Hello, I'm not a veteran but I'm looking for one. My name is Jason, I'm a 43, half Thai and looking for my real father. Here is a little back story ... I was born in Thailand in 1972 but I've lived in the United States since I was 1 year old thanks to my adoptive father, the only father I've ever known who was in the Air Force and stationed in Thailand at the time. My real father left my mother when I was still in utero in early 1972. My mother who is Thai has always wanted me to find him but I've never had the urge nor felt the need to do so.

Therapy animal does it help


I am working on a new project to provide animals for veterans for anxiety, ptsd and more. I am curious if you feel they are beneficial regardless of the animal or if dogs are the best animal. Thank you in advance for your input. I bless you all and thank you for your service.

Veteran in need


Hey guys, Just wanted to drop this in here.. my family and I are in need of some help, sometimes doing the right thing in certain jobs doesn't get you anywhere.. and being an ethical medical provider isn't exempt. don't feel obligated to help, but if you do GOD BLESS YOU

Engineering Project


Hello everybody,


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