psychological health

Monitor Psychological Health with the T2 MoodTracker App

Whether you are deployed or transitioning, self-monitoring your psychological health is just one way you can gauge how stress may be affecting you (or a loved one). Self-monitoring with pen and paper has been used for decades to understand symptoms over time. As mobile phones have evolved to replace pen and paper, their applications (apps) have evolved to complement traditional health care too. The free T2 MoodTracker app can be your pen and paper – for your own awareness or for sharing with your health care provider. The app is currently available for Android phones and, in coming months, will be available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

The National Guard Psychological Health Program

The National Guard Psychological Health Program (NGPHP) advocates, promotes and guides National Guard members and their families by supporting psychological fitness for operational readiness.

Build Resilience to Maximize Mission Readiness

The ability to adapt to adversity and overcome barriers is critical to a warrior’s strength. This skill—resilience—can characterize both physical and psychological strength. But while every warrior is trained how to develop physical resilience, it’s also critical to learn how to develop psychological resilience.

Caring for Yourself While Helping Support Your Service Member

Military deployments are emotionally and physically demanding. The experiences of living in high-stress combat environments can continue to affect service members as they return home. They may have trouble adjusting to living in a comfortable, relaxed and loving environment. Additionally, you may notice your service member feeling and acting differently then they did before they left. These feelings may not be temporary and might not disappear the moment they return home. Your service member may need your support to help him or her adjust to living and feeling at home again.


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