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Four Tips for Successfully Managing Chronic Pain

For many service members and veterans, managing chronic pain is part of everyday life. Chronic pain can be from a combat injury, a tough job or even hard training. No matter the cause, it can impact your mind and body. For this reason, it is important to treat.

Evidence-Based Trauma-Focused Psychotherapy

Warriors who have experienced trauma may need ongoing help to cope with their symptoms. Trauma can lead to anxiety, sadness or trouble sleeping.

Stress Reduction Techniques for High-Stress Operations

Any role in the military can be stressful. However, for those like special operators, explosive ordinance technicians, submariners, aviators and others, stress is a significant part of the job.

Resources Available through Combat Operational Stress Control

Combat and operational stress describes the reactions you may have while performing challenging military duties that push your mind and body to the limit. You might have these reactions because of one or many deployments, during combat or because of difficulties during training.

The Role an Internal Behavioral Health Consultant and a Behavioral Health Care Facilitator Play in Your Psychological Health Care

If you get care for psychological health concerns at a military treatment facility, you may be treated by an Internal Behavioral Health Consultant (IBHC) or Behavioral Health Care Facilitator (BHCF).

Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that can make it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep. Complaints about trouble sleeping—often diagnosed as insomnia—are some of the most frequent reasons for psychological health referrals among active duty service members.

Dealing with Depression: Symptoms and Treatment

Depression is a common psychological concern that can affect anyone, anywhere, at any time. This is true whether or not you serve in uniform.

Anger Management Techniques

Anger is a common reaction to many of the stressful experiences people have during everyday life. The stress of military life, such as the emotional toll of deployments and separations, can begin to affect your psychological health.

Security Clearances and Psychological Health Care

Reaching out for care for your psychological health is an important, positive step in your military career.

Preventing Prescription Drug Misuse

Many treatment plans for psychological and physical wounds alike include the use of prescription medications. Certain types, such as those to treat pain or anxiety, have the potential to cause dependence.


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