veterans benefits

Compensation, Pension and Other VA Benefits

There are so many resources available to Service members transitioning to veteran status, but for many it can be difficult to know where to start looking for help. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers a wealth of information and programs for compensation, pension and vocational rehabilitation of veterans. In order to provide you with the most useful information at your fingertips, the Real Warriors Campaign has worked with VA to answer some frequently asked questions on these topics.

Vet Centers Provide Reintegration Support for Warriors

Serving our nation in conflict environments in Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere around the globe can be challenging for even the most prepared individuals. In fact, it is common for Veterans to experience concerns related to readjustment issues after returning home and while reintegrating into civilian life. That’s why the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides support for combat Veterans and their families at community-based counseling facilities called Vet Centers .

Five Resources for Returning to School

Many people who leave the military decide to take advantage of the GI Bill and other education benefits in their post-military careers by enrolling in a higher education degree or certificate program. It can sometimes be challenging to return to the civilian community after deployment, and adjusting to academic life can be stressful for all students, including veterans.


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