How to Become a TRICARE-Authorized Provider

TRICARE is the Defense Department’s health care program for active-duty service members, National Guard and reserve members, retirees, their families and survivors.

Clinical and Non-Clinical Care Resources

Service members and their families experience unique pressures, such as managing transitions, separations, cross-country moves and handling their personal finances.

Tips for Transitioning Psychological Health Care to a New Provider

When making the transition from your current psychological health provider to a new provider, it helps to plan ahead.

Resources for Psychological Health Care Professionals

As a psychological health professional working with the military community, having access to reliable resources can help you better support service members, veterans and their families.

Continued Education for Health Professionals

The goal of these courses is to provide training on evidence-based psychotherapies, military culture and clinical concerns.

Recognizing and Seeking Help for Substance Misuse

Substance misuse is the use of a substance in a way that negatively affects your physical, mental, emotional or social well-being.

Taking the First Steps to Get Help for Psychological Health Concerns

Seeking help for psychological health concerns allows you to play an active role in your own well-being.

How to Develop Healthy Sleep Habits

Sleep is important in life, just like air, food and water. It allows your body to heal, boosts your immune system and improves learning and memory.

Discussing your Psychological Health with a Provider

Making a plan to talk with a health care provider about your psychological health concerns is an important step toward improving your overall health.

Accessing Care at Military Treatment Facilities

Military treatment facilities provide emergency and non-emergency care for both physical and invisible wounds covered by TRICARE.


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