Using Social Media to Stay Connected

Social media provides great ways to connect, interact and communicate with friends and family while separated.

5 Tips for Building Resilience in Your Relationship

Military life can be difficult for couples. Deployments, temporary duty assignments, PCS moves, and transitioning to civilian life can be challenging times.

Como Comprender y Enfrentar a Los Desastres

Los eventos traumáticos relacionados con el combate o despliegue militar podrían ocurrir durante su servicio militar. Estas experiencias pueden provocar reacciones de estrés que pueden afectar negativamente su salud mental.

Stress Reduction Techniques for High-Stress Operations

Any role in the military can be stressful. However, for those like special operators, explosive ordinance technicians, submariners, aviators and others, stress is a significant part of the job.

Maintaining Psychological Strength While Deployed

Warriors in the field depend on each other to get the job done right. Maintaining both physical and psychological strength is crucial to mission readiness.

Self-Managing Psychological Health Concerns: Work with a Provider for Maximum Benefit

Military service can be challenging at times. These challenges can lead to psychological health concerns such as feeling anxiety, worry, sadness, or having trouble sleeping.

Healthy Ways for You to Manage Psychological Health Symptoms

There are a number of healthy ways you can take care of yourself and manage psychological health concerns and symptoms on your own.

Strengthen your Well-Being through Spiritual Fitness

Experiences such as traumatic events during your military career can lead to questioning your values and trying to make sense of what happened.

Behavioral Fitness: Healthy Behaviors to Build Strength

The demands of military life can cause stress. It’s best to work through tough times in a positive way instead of taking part in behaviors harmful to your health.


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