combat stress

Resources Available through Combat Operational Stress Control

Combat and operational stress describes the reactions you may have while performing challenging military duties that push your mind and body to the limit. You might have these reactions because of one or many deployments, during combat or because of difficulties during training.

Combat and Operational Stress: A Natural Result of Heavy Mental and Emotional Work

Combat stress reaction is a common response to the mental and emotional strain service members experience when facing tough or dangerous combat situations. It is often called combat and operational stress reaction because this type of stress can happen during peace and war time.

Psychological Health Concerns Related to Female Integration in the Military

Making up 15 percent of the U.S. military, female service members have seen significant changes in the roles they play while serving. As of January 2016, all military jobs are now open to women.

Maintaining Psychological Strength While Deployed

Warriors in the field depend on each other to get the job done right. Maintaining both physical and psychological strength is crucial to mission readiness.

Helping Families Understand Combat Stress

Welcoming home a loved one after a separation is an emotional time for service members and their families.

Supporting Your Service Member with Psychological Health Concerns

Military life often has many challenges. These demands can include the daily toll of military duties, exposure to traumatic events, and separations from family and friends.

Tools for Line Leaders Managing Personnel in Distress

During operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere around the globe, warriors at all levels have bravely served our nation in harsh combat environments. Whether you are a line leader in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy or Air Force, it is important to understand how deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan affect personnel, as well as how to navigate behavioral obstacles that can hinder an individual's or a unit's performance.
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