coping with stress

The Role of Family and Loved Ones in Substance Misuse

Studies have shown a link between stressful life events and substance misuse in the military. Service members frequently experience stress due to situations like training, combat or multiple deployments.

Anger Management Techniques

Anger is a common reaction to many of the stressful experiences people have during everyday life. The stress of military life, such as the emotional toll of deployments and separations, can begin to affect your psychological health.

Strategies for Coping with Flashbacks

Flashbacks happen when you feel like you are reliving a traumatic experience or memory. They can occur day or night, and can occur recently or even years after the event.

5 Ways Veterans Can Support PTSD Treatment

Recovery from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be an ongoing process. You have already shown a great amount of strength by taking the first step to reach out and get treatment. Seeking care early from a health care provider can lead to successful health outcomes.

Easing Holiday and Reintegration Stress

The holidays can be a great time to reconnect with your loved ones, but they may also be difficult. If you are returning home from a deployment, the holidays may seem more overwhelming than usual.

Alcohol Misuse: Early Signs and Symptoms

Alcohol is commonly used by service members and civilians alike. It is sometimes used as a social activity with your buddies or a way to cope with stress.

How Veterans Can Address Substance Misuse

Substance misuse is a common concern facing service members, veterans and civilians. Substances like alcohol, tobacco and drugs may be used as a way to cope with stress related to combat, reintegration or a psychological health concern. Although using substances may feel like a way to destress or give you relief, their misuse can have a lasting, serious impact on your life.

Self-Managing Psychological Health Concerns: Work with a Provider for Maximum Benefit

Military service can be challenging at times. These challenges can lead to psychological health concerns such as feeling anxiety, worry, sadness, or having trouble sleeping.

Practicing Mindfulness Meditation to Cope with Stress

Mindfulness meditation is a popular form of meditation that can help you cope with psychological concerns.

Healthy Ways for You to Manage Psychological Health Symptoms

There are a number of healthy ways you can take care of yourself and manage psychological health concerns and symptoms on your own.


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