Resources for Military Caregivers

More than 5.5 million military caregivers provide care for service members and veterans throughout the country.

Resources for Psychological Health Care Professionals

As a psychological health professional working with the military community, having access to reliable resources can help you better support service members, veterans and their families.

6 Apps for Staying Mission Ready

Mobile apps are great tools for helping you manage your psychological health.

Emergency Financial Resources to Relieve Stress

Financial emergencies can be stressful for service members, veterans and their families. When financial problems arise, it can cause a strain in family relationships.

How to Stay Connected While Miles Apart

Deployments or other separations can be tough for military families, including new parents.

Employment Resources For Military Spouses

It may seem stressful to consider working when balancing the demands of being a military spouse.

Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program: Support for Guard and Reserve

All service members and their families may face challenges throughout the deployment cycle, from pre-deployment to reintegration. But National Guard and Reserve members can face additional challenges, as they may not live near military facilities or have community supports in place.

Peer Support Resources for Members of the National Guard, Reserve and Individual Augmentees

Members of the National Guard, reserve and individual augmentees are in unique positions. Members of the National Guard and reserve serve as citizen-warriors and often work full-time civilian jobs while still being a member of the armed forces. Individual augmentees may receive orders or volunteer to deploy individually with a command that is not their own.

Gain Work Experience with Operation Warfighter

Getting involved in meaningful work can aid in both the physical and psychological healing process for service members in recovery. Operation Warfighter is a federal internship program that places recovering active-duty service members and National Guard and reservists currently in a medical hold status in supportive work settings. By focusing on new opportunities and strengthening job skills, service members can bolster their recovery while gaining valuable work experience. This article highlights information about Operation Warfighter and offers tips and resources for service members who wish to apply.

Coordinating Child Care for Military Families

The demands of military life can be challenging for families, especially for working parents. Arranging safe, nurturing child care is important to help you meet your family and professional responsibilities, and coordinating the appropriate care for your child can help strengthen your family's psychological well-being and resilience. The tips and tools in this article can help you identify child care options or make the change to a new care provider seamless for your child.


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