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Keeping Your Mind Psychologically Fit

Maintaining physical fitness is critical to support mission readiness.  In this article, learn why psychological fitness is also important for mission readiness and find tips that may help you manage your psychological health to reach peak performance.

Why Is Psychological Fitness Important?

Psychological fitness involves building your mental, emotional and behavioral skills in order to effectively cope with the unique challenges of military service. Strengthen your psychological fitness [PDF 1.5MB] by focusing on five skillsets:

  • Coping effectively with stress
  • Applying and practicing ethical decision making
  • Engaging in healthy social interactions with others
  • Cultivating helpful beliefs and positive attitudes
  • Identifying and understanding the value of self and others

It takes a fit mind as well as a fit body to cope with daily military life as well as the stressors and realities of deployment and transitions. Strengthening your response to stress and maintaining general psychological fitness can help be a source of strength for you and your fellow service members.

Tips to Improve Psychological Fitness

Service members train in many ways to achieve psychological fitness. The following tips may help you manage your stress and increase readiness.

What Line Leaders Can Do

Line leaders are an important influence when it comes to encouraging psychological fitness. They can create a positive environment within their command that promotes trust and encourages seeking care. For tips on establishing a supportive unit culture, check out the Real Warriors Campaign’s “5 Ways Military Leaders Can Address Stigma” fact sheet [PDF 855MB].

Military leadership plays a vital role in unit performance and mission success. If you notice a service member having a hard time, reach out and consider connecting them with care options. Try these tips for starting a conversation [PDF 2.6MB] when you have a concern about a fellow service member.  By promoting psychological fitness in their units, line leaders help strengthen the force as a whole.

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