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Podcasts FAQs

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital video or audio file, typically an .mp4, that lets you listen or watch content whenever is most convenient for you. By subscribing to the Real Advice series, you can automatically download each podcast to your computer or mobile device, including Apple iOS and Android devices.

How do I subscribe?

Podcasts can be accessed and downloaded through a variety of apps, such as iTunes. Visit the podcast page and click on the Subscribe button. Podcasts can also be downloaded individually via the archives.

To subscribe from your computer, you will need to download a podcast reader, such as iTunes. There are several podcast readers available for free, such as Juice or Zune. The Real Warriors Campaign does not endorse or recommend any specific app. Once you have a podcast reader, copy and paste the URL [feed://realwarriors.hipcast.com/rss/rwpodcast.xml] into the podcast reader to view or subscribe to the Real Advice podcast series.

If you are using Google Chrome's Web browser, please download a reader prior to subscribing, then cut and paste the URL [feed://realwarriors.hipcast.com/rss/rwpodcast.xml] to view or subscribe to the Real Advice podcast series.

What is the frequency of the podcasts?

The Real Advice series was launched on January 25, 2012 and will release a new podcast every month. Each podcast will be no more than a few minutes in length.

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