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Leadership Radio PSA Transcript (59 sec)

Leadership Radio PSA (:59)

Leadership Radio PSA (:59)

Leadership Radio PSA (:59)

Date Recorded: November 2011

To be fully fit you have to be physically fit. You also have to be mentally fit.

I wish that more warriors would realize how important it is that you get the psychological support that you need so that you can focus on the rest of your life.

I think it takes strength in order to admit that you have an issue, but it also takes intuitiveness of a friend, a leader, a supervisor to pick up on the signal that the soldier is having issues and needs to seek professional help in dealing with it.

It’s also important for the lowest possible levels of leadership to be very supportive in helping their members get the help that they need.

When I went to get help I had more help than I could ask for from my entire command.

It’s sometimes challenging to come to a senior staff member or senior officer in the unit with a problem. There’s not a commanding officer out there, or a leadership staff out there that doesn’t want to help, so don’t hesitate. Come ask.

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