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Suicide Prevention Tools For Warriors

The stresses of military life—whether deployments, training or time away from family—can cause emotional and psychological health concerns.

Talking to your health care provider when problems frst develop can help avoid a crisis, but sometimes concerns escalate and can increase the risk of suicide. If you feel overwhelmed, remember that you aren’t alone. Help is available and treatment works. Knowing the signs of crisis and getting help now can save you or someone you know.

Taking care of your psychological health is important before, during and after a crisis.No matter how you seek help, also talk to your primary health care provider. He or she will help you develop a treatment plan to keep you ft.



Many signs could indicate that you or someone you know is in crisis. Some signs are external behaviors you can see. Others are internal thoughts and emotions. If any of the below signs applies to you or someone you know, reach out for help now.

Emergency Warning Signs
□ Calls or visits friends or family as if to say goodbye
□ Seeks frearms, pills or other dangerous items for self-harm
□ Has self-inficted cuts, burns or other injuries
□ Gives away prized possessions
□ Suddenly switches from being sad to being very calm or happy, as if everything will be okay
□ Acts violently toward self or others
□ Engages in risky activities or reckless behaviors

General Warning Signs
□ Misuses alcohol or drugs
□ Appears sad or depressed
□ Seems anxious or agitated
□ Sleeps too much or barely at all
□ Experiences diffculties at work
□ Feels like a failure
□ Lost a fellow warrior, friend or loved one
□ Has health, fnancial or relationship problems
□ Faces disciplinary or legal action
□ Withdraws socially
□ Neglects appearance or household
□ Experiences unexplained mood swings


These three simple acts can save the life of a warrior

  • ASK: Are they considering self-harm?
  • LISTEN: Hear their concerns. Tell them they aren’t alone.
  • GET HELP: Take them to a medical facility. (Call 911 in an emergency.)


If you or someone you know shows signs of a crisis, get help right away.

  • Call for help
    Police, Fire and EMS – 911

    Military Crisis Line 800-273-8255, press 1

  • Text for help
    Military Crisis Line – 838255

  • Chat online
    Military Crisis Line

  • Go to the hospital
    Call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.
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