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Anger is a common reaction to frustrating or worrying circumstances. You may experience anger when grappling with the stress of military life or when facing challenges at home. It’s a natural reaction. However, if left unchecked, anger can negatively affect your career, personal life, and physical or psychological readiness.

Don’t let intense or frequent anger affect your health and mission readiness. Use the following resources to learn how to manage anger in healthy ways.  

Recommended Resources

Security Clearances and Psychological Health Care

Reaching out for care for your psychological health is an important, positive step in your military career. When seeking a role that requires a national security clearance, you will be instructed to fill out the Standard Form 86 (SF86), “Questionnaire for National Security Positions.” [PDF 7.6MB] The federal government uses information from this form to conduct background checks and evaluate individuals who are:

Managing Anger in Your Relationship

Relationships can be very fulfilling and having the support of a loved one can help you navigate the challenges of military life. However, in any relationship there may be times when you and your partner will disagree. Whether it’s arguments about household chores or personal finances, it’s common to get angry sometimes. However, when emotions are running high, reactions driven by anger can damage your relationships and your health.

Anger Management Techniques

Anger is a common reaction to many of the stressful experiences people have during everyday life. The stress of military life, such as the emotional toll of deployments and separations, can begin to affect your psychological health. If anger is affecting your daily life, it may be time to reach out for help. Not handling anger properly can negatively impact relationships with loved ones or colleagues, as well as your overall health by increasing your risk of a heart attack, stroke, hypertension and more.

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This infographic outlines ways you can take a first step to manage the stress of military life.

Military Health Resources Infographic

Learn the different ways to seek care and take the first step. Managing the stress of military life can affect the toughest warrior. Find the resource to best fit your needs.

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