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A Provider’s Guide for Using the Real Warriors Campaign

Therapy Session

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As a health care provider caring for service members and veterans, you are committed to supporting their medical care and psychological health. The Real Warriors Campaign is dedicated to helping you and your practice during that process.

The campaign provides information to help you increase your understanding of military culture and resources to share with service members and veterans while they seek care. These resources, including educational materials and multimedia, can be an effective way to support patient care. Written and non-written materials such as infographics, pamphlets and videos can help increase patient understanding and retention of information. Use the following resources to your benefit as you support our warriors.


Use campaign materials to support service members and veterans who may benefit from learning strategies and resources for coping with psychological health concerns between appointments. Display materials in your office or hand out after an appointment.

Materials include mini-brochures, booklets, trifolds, service-specific posters and fact sheets, such as:

Support tools feature sections for service members to learn more about psychological health concerns and write down notes. They also include Military Health System resources, the Psychological Health Resource Center, and the Military Crisis Line.

You can download these materials or order free of charge, in any quantity from the campaign shopping cart.


Read articles written for service members, veterans and military families to help you become familiar with common military challenges such as separations and reintegration. Articles provide practical tools, tips and resources when coping with and seeking care for invisible wounds.

Topics include:

  • Signs and symptoms of psychological health concerns
  • Clinical and non-clinical resources
  • Healthy behavior change options

In addition, share and recommend campaign articles with your service members to help them manage their concerns between appointments.


Use multimedia resources from the campaign to dispel psychological health myths, promote clinical and non-clinical resources and show success after seeking care. Watch these videos during sessions or run on closed-circuit monitors in your waiting rooms.

Video Profiles and PSAs
Share profiles of warriors who have reached out for care with successful outcomes, including:

  • Learning coping skills
  • Maintaining their security clearance
  • Continuing to succeed in their military or civilian careers

These Real Warriors prove through example that reaching out is a sign of strength that benefits the entire military community. Play these videos in your waiting room or encourage service members to watch on their own time.

Video Shorts
Share these videos as a way to help your service members and veterans better understand their concerns and symptoms. Topics include:

  • Depression signs and symptoms
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder signs and symptoms
  • Sleep tips for staying mission ready

Service members, veterans and their families or caregivers can watch these videos between appointments for additional learning.

Access to More Support

If your service member or veteran needs additional support between appointments, refer them to the Psychological Health Resource Center to confidentially speak with a trained health resource consultant 24/7, call 866-966-1020 or use the Real Warriors Live Chat. You can also refer them to our "Seek Help, Find Care” page to see a list of key psychological health resources.

Additional Resources

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