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Continued Education for Health Professionals

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Source: U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Kelvin Green

Are you a health professional treating military personnel? The Center for Deployment Psychology (CDP) has many online courses for professionals caring for service members, veterans and their families. The goal of these courses is to provide training on evidence-based psychotherapies, military culture and clinical concerns. The following courses are available through CDP and many offer continuing education credits upon completion.

Evidence-Based Psychotherapy Courses

Note: All course descriptions were adapted from the CDP website.

*These courses teach the basic principles and strategies underlying CPT and PE, however they should not be considered a substitute for the two-day in-person training modules.

Culture Courses

Clinical Concerns Courses

Whether you are a seasoned military psychological health professional looking to refresh your skills or new to the military psychological health care community, these courses are a good start to improve overall understanding of the unique concerns of warriors and their families. For more information about the online courses listed above or to learn about the various in-person trainings offered, such as the two-day CPT or PE workshops, visit the CDP training page.

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