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The National Guard Psychological Health Program

Army soldier with Family

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What is the National Guard Psychological Health Program?

The National Guard Psychological Health Program (NGPHP) advocates, promotes and guides National Guard members and their families by supporting psychological fitness for operational readiness.1 The NGPHP promotes readjustment and readiness while offering consultation and support designed to address organizational and individual health care.1

National Guard members and their families in every state and U.S. territory are eligible to participate. Resources are available to help with the resolution of personal problems, enhance the ability to balance and manage both work and other life responsibilities and improve both operational readiness and civilian work performance.1 These programs are individually specific and supply behavioral health assessments and guidance on a variety of psychological health issues or concerns, clinical resources and quality counseling services within local communities, state and military systems.

What is a state director of psychological health?

National Guard officials have appointed directors of psychological health for each state and territory to ensure a continuance of care for service members and their families.” As part of this effort, state directors of psychological health (DPH) have been assigned to each of the 54 Joint Force Headquarters to serve all in the Army National Guard and Air National Guard.2 Each DPH is the focal point for coordinating psychological support for National Guard members and their families.

What are the functions of the state directors of psychological health?

Each state director of psychological health will oversee a comprehensive psychological health program for all National Guard members. These programs will provide:3

  • Access for assistance 24/7/365
  • Assessments and referral services
  • Psychological Health resource identification
  • Review of applicable benefits and other counseling services within each State/Territory
  • Case management services
  • Follow-up services
  • Commander consultation services
  • National Guard member psychological health information and training
  • Wellness education
  • Critical incident management services

How can I find out more information about the NGPHP?

The NGPHP website provides service members and their families a tool for finding information on local resources, trainings and upcoming events.


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