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National Guard and Reserve

Members of the National Guard and reserve have unique challenges balancing their military service with civilian life, especially when facing a deployment. Real Warriors offers information and tools to use when developing and navigating the deployment and reintegration process for Guard and reserve service members. We’ll help you reach out to community, religious and military services; address your invisible wounds of war; and connect with other Guard and reserve service members.

  • Before Deployment
    There’s a lot to do while a National Guard or reserve member and their family await an upcoming deployment. Preparation is key to minimizing the problems that will inevitably arise during a duty separation. Having the knowledge, coping skills and social support in place significantly influences your ability and attitude to handle the responsibilities and challenges that lie ahead and better prepare you to serve.
  • Reintegration
    Communicating about your military service to both your family and your employer will ease in your transitions. Real Warriors understands that as a member of the National Guard or reserve, you send a special message about responsibility and commitment. Learn ways to reintegrate back into your family, job and community as smoothly as possible.
  • Coping and Support
    Common reactions to combat may include fear, sadness and distress. Real Warriors is here to help you identify when you need to reach out, seek treatment or develop new coping skills to manage your stress. We provide tips to help you recognize when you need help, treatment options and community and military health care resources.
  • Resources
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