Veteran, needs advice about heart problems

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Veteran, needs advice about heart problems

I left for bootcamp for the air force 17 Dec 2013, and joined to be a firefighter. lost a bunch of weight and became really active and fit up until about halfway through tech school. I was still in shape and fine, until I started running out of breath quicker, and having chest pains while being inactive. It would just hurt to breathe around my heart. It felt like it swells up and cause it to make it harder to breathe. It slowly ruined my firefighter career, having to tell my superiors that I am physically inable to get the job done. So they sent me to the base doc. She said my heart looks enlarged in two places, and she sent me to a heart specialist off base. After constantly telling them the pain happens randomly and while im inactive, they decided to test me while it wasnt hurting. And they said my heart is fine, and said it is anxiety. Which I didnt even feel anxious during fire training. After two more tries of doing demanding physical labor I got sent two the hospital twice for nearly fainting during fire training. I was released 15 Sep 2015 with a honorable discharge. The va wont even consider talking to me because i was only in for 22 months, and i am currently waiting for my next heart doc appt. Should i even bother to look into va disability benefits? PS also my heart hurts now about 3 days a week as opposed to the once or twice a month.

Re: Veteran, needs advice about heart problems

Hi mruane18,

I'm glad to see that you are in treatment for your physical ailment. In regard to your question about VA Disability clams, I would recommend that you reach out to the local office of a VSO in your area. Many of the VSOs process VA claims on behalf of veterans and they will be able to tell you if you have a claim or not. I personally used AMVETS for my claim when I retired, but any of them that process claims for vets should be able to give you an idea if you have a claim or not. Hope that helps!

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