US Service Members Who Stayed in VN After Tour Was Over

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US Service Members Who Stayed in VN After Tour Was Over

Hi all,

I'm an American writer who just got back from two years living in Vietnam, where I was teaching at an international university.

While there, I started work on a writing project about US service members who stayed and lived in Vietnam after their tours were officially finished. The historical records I've seen seem to suggest there were somewhere between 1 and 2 thousand service members who stayed and were living in Vietnam around the time of the Fall of Saigon in 1975. As I understand it, many of them were either married to or had relationships with Vietnamese women.

If anyone has any information on some of these veterans it would be greatly appreciated! I'm hoping to interview some of them, if possible, and shed some light especially on the period from '73 to '75 and what life was like during those years in Saigon.

Thank you all in advance for any help or guidance!

Joseph Babcock

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