"PTSD wont kill me". Story and ways to help this real warrio

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"PTSD wont kill me". Story and ways to help this real warrio

Hello!! Please take some time to read this story about an amazing veteran. He was an Army Combat Medic and had two deployments as a front line medic with the Infantry. He sustained blast injuries from IEDs. One while riding in a vehicle and another one he stepped on while rushing in to save a fallen brother. But today we are focusing on another injury he sustained. One that can't be seen or removed with surgery. One that is a considered a diagnosis of death. He has been denied some of his entitlements from the Government while he is in his new reborn life after getting treatment for his PTSD. He has shared his story on this gofundme page. He's been denied by the government but lets not let his country men and woman deny him as well. Please share and re post! Lets get the word out!! Thank you!
Please read his story here:


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