The new 30 day benefits claims

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The new 30 day benefits claims

I apologize. But I need to vent here. My blood is boiling.  I'm a comvat wounded Iraqi war vet. I was shot in my right arm at close range, and as a result I have lost my right bicep. I have been fighting for ptsd benefits since April of 2007.  Recently, I started hearing all the buzz about the newly renovated c&p program, and how all claims now will receive a decision in 30 days.. This news motivated me to once again apply for a benefit increase.. So I got with a VSO, I provided everything needed to prove my claim, and I went to my C&P appointment.. after 10days or so, I called the va to check the status of my claim, and was told that they are scheduled to have a decision on it by 18 Oct 2018.. That's nearly 6mo!!! 

To say that life has been hard for me since I left the service would be the single greatest understatement of all time. And to have the V.A. rant and rave about how great they treat veterans only adds insult to injury. I'm so fed up.. 

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