Issues with Travel Pay

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Issues with Travel Pay

Since the VA has mandated the use of Bing Maps Dashboard by VA medical Centers, it has cut my travel distance by 17 miles. Now I know this isn't much.In fact it is only $15.12 on a round trip visit.
I average 3 to 4 trips to the VA each month.This can be as much as $60.48 a month reduction in Travel Pay.

The discrepancies in distance is due to a number of factors. The Bing map for starters has my house 4 miles in the opposite direction from where I live.

I have spoken to a number of other Veterans who are having the same problem. I have also spoken with the Travel Office as well as Eligibility and they basically tell me to suck it up.

But then I am not the suck it up kind of individual. When I though about it. It occurred to me that if only 1000 other Veterans who use same facility that I use are having the same issue, that could result in a loss to those veterans of $60,000 or more each month.

At the end of the year we are talking about $720,000. And that is only one VAMC. I won't even think of trying to calculate that Nation wide.
But I think the message is obvious.

Now, it isn't the little amount of money that is involved on my part. It is the principal of the matter.First of all, if a Veteran takes $10.00 from the VA they do not deserve, then they can be sent to Federal Prison by the Inspector General.

I have in fact spoken to the IG. He told me that one Veteran with the amount I am talking about is not enough to create an investigation. However, if we can find enough that are affected, he can indeed start an investigation. That is all I ask for.

If you have been affected adversely by this new system, please send an email to the IG at

There a lot of ways the government can decrease spending rather than taking from Veterans.

If a program is inaccurate it should be corrected. I have been in this system for over 40 years and I know that the only way things ever get corrected is when Veterans correct them.

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