Before Exiting Go Through A Medical Board!

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Debra An
Before Exiting Go Through A Medical Board!

A word to the wise, for any of you who have ever got an injury/ ill while in the military active duty or in the Reserves/ Guard go through a medical board.
I was in the U.S. Army Reserve and I never got a medical board, I wish I would have gotten one, for they never gave me a medical board on active duty, but yet I was separated due to the injuries that I sustained on active duty in the line of my duty! I was misdiagnosed on active duty sent home in a cast with crutches. The reason why I tell you to do this is if later your injuries get worst or if they were misdiagnosed, they could have a negative effect on your life for the rest of your life, as they have me! I would hate to see any of you to have to suffer as I have and I still suffer! Do yourself a favor and go through medical before exiting, make sure you tell them ever injury and anything else like PTSD, illnesses, Sleep Apnea, etc., so then it can be proven when and if you try to put a claim in for compensation!
I will tell you how by my true story without the medical boards I have not gotten what I deserved and how it has destroyed my life!
I got injured when I was on active duty U.S. Army, the orthopedic doctor did not know that I had a medical background as a veterinarian tech. I asked him for a MRI and he refused and he stated to my Army Liaison, "It cost too much" and that is why he did not give me an MRI. I was diagnosed with a sprained ankle! I was sent home in a cast and crutches to my Reserve unit! Active Duty did not give me a Medical Board! I was told I had no say so in the matter, even when I requested convalescent leave which was denied! My civilian job refused to take me back and stated, "You’re a liability"! I had no medical insurance to get my cast removed and my command had to figure out how to get it removed, which they did, which I had it on over 1 month longer than I was supposed to! It was removed at the Naval Hospital in San Diego, CA. I tried getting my daughter from my x, which he refused to give her back to me! He moved while I was gone in active duty, so I had no idea where he had my daughter! I had physical custody of my daughter prior to leaving on active duty and I did not lose her until I took my x to court, as the judge stated, "How do you expect to support your daughter and anyway you could be deployed"! I lost my daughter the only reason of why I join the military to begin with! Next I was re-diagnosed with a torn ligament which needed surgery! Had the surgery and I developed RSD! I lost my home as I owned, it but I could not pay the space rent! Lived in my car for 4 years and developed 48 different symptoms, which started while I was still in the Army Reserve! I kept getting discharged when I tried to get a civilian job! Got out of the Reserve in June 2006, injuries because worst along with illnesses, which were not diagnosed for another 2 years! If anyone has heard of Gulf War Syndrome, which are a bunch of illnesses! I found out even though I was never in the Gulf I had developed these illnesses, which now we know were caused by a large amount of stress! I had also developed an auto immune illness! Unable to work and my misdiagnosed injury caused me additional injuries, since everything the active duty doctor did for me contributed to the other injuries! I was limping for over a year, which I was told by my VA Dr. these injuries will never get better, but only worst as time goes on! Now I have permanent injuries to my left ankle, as well as my right, injuries to my knees, my hips are also giving me problems along with my spine! Let us not forget about the RSD too and the problems that causes me! From my knee down to my toes it is hyper sensitive and I have lots of problems sleeping, as I cannot sleep on that leg! Now that I lost my livelihood and I was told I could not work, in addition to getting the run around from the VA it is frustrating! I hope if you learn anything from this horror of mine, that you will go through the medical board as you never know when an injury, illness, etc. could be worst or cause more problems in the future for you! Even though that was not the only injury I had sustained on active duty, I had other which were not documented and should have been which I have problems with now! Oh, do not forget about your hearing if you had hearing loss do not forget to tell them too!
I am still considered homeless by the County of San Diego, CA, which I live in, for I live in a 27'-28' motor home!
When you do not have a home, people do not understand how much a home really means to someone like me!
For those who are in charge or over other soldiers make sure they go through a medical board, so they do not end up like me!
I realize that I should have been medically discharged, but I wasn't and I have tried to get my DD214 fixed, but they will not fix it! And so I suffer and I do not get what I should have! I seriously wonder if it has anything to do with my gender, even when I asked for a electric wheel chair I was given the run around, as they know I can't push a manual wheel chair as it causes me more pain!
Bottom line, do yourself a big favor, Get A Medical Board!
May God Bless You All!
Warmest Regards!

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