Video Games for TBI Rehab - clinician expertise needed

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Video Games for TBI Rehab - clinician expertise needed

Do you like to play video games?

Are you a clinician? caregiver? person with a disability?

Can you spend a few hours play-testing video games or being part of a focus group about games being developed for U.S. servicemen and women with mild traumatic brain injury?

Blue Marble Game Company designs and develops video games for rehabilitation. We are funded by the Army to create video games for U.S. servicemen and women with mild traumatic brain injury.

Our games will ultimately serve U.S. troops, so it is of the utmost importance to us that we get feedback from enlisted personnel and veterans as well as caregivers, and clinicians (PT, OT, ST, neuropsychology).

Please contact us!

E-mail us:, call us: (213)-537-0771 or click on the link above and register to participate.

We need your input so we can make great video games for our troops!

Appendix 4- Internet posting
Website Posting

Study number: IRB study #: [insert IRB approval number]

Title of Study: Cognitive Motor Therapy Applications Using Videogame Platform

Principal Investigator: Sheryl Flynn PT, PhD

The purpose of this research study is to learn more about how to design and develop video games for rehabilitation. The reason for collecting this information is to find ways to improve rehabilitation outcomes for specific groups of patients and their families. Information from the focus groups (small group discussions about the game), usability trials of the game, and small trials will be used to develop better video games that can be used for rehabilitation purposes. Approximately 300 participants will be enrolled in this project.

Contact: Sheryl Flynn PT, PhD at 310-913-5707,

OR Bonnie Kennedy PhD, OTR/L at 626-607-7391,


Requirements: We are looking for 4 specific groups of people: 1) people with a disability who are undergoing rehabilitation, 2) people with a disability who have received rehabilitation in the past, 3) rehabilitation specialists (Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Neuropsychologists, and Physicians) and 4) family/caregivers/friends of people who have disabilities

The discussion in the focus group will be in English.

Time commitment: approximately 2 hours

Compensation: Each participant will receive a $50.00 for their participation

Re: Video Games for TBI Rehab - clinician expertise needed

Use the following link to see one of our games!

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