The role of empathy and vicarious trauma

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Vanessa Kincheloe
The role of empathy and vicarious trauma

Despite increased attention toward combat related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), there are several areas that still need to be addressed, one such area is how providing interventions affect those mental health professionals who provide mental health services to military service members who are experiencing symptoms of combat related PTSD, specifically vicarious trauma and the role of empathy in its development.

This research is being conducted in hopes of exploring the link, if any, between empathy and the development of vicarious trauma. I implore you to participate in this study as I hope it will provide insight into the experiences of the mental health professionals who treat military service members suffering from combat related PTSD symptomology. Your participation is critical if we are to understand what effect the treatment of combat PTSD has on therapists and if it does have the effect of vicarious trauma how we might be able to ameliorate this process. Therapists who treat service members are limited resources and our nation cannot afford to "lose" therapists due to the adverse effects of “caring.” In addition, your participation will further the research regarding the effects of providing mental health treatment services on those mental health professionals who conduct such services with military service members. Subsequently, participation may contribute to professional development and training.

You have been selected because someone thinks you provide therapy that involves treating those with combat PTSD or that you know someone who does. Please forward this invitation to participate in this research study to anyone who fits the criteria and who you believe may be able to contribute to the study. Thank you in advance for your forthcoming and candid participation and consequent contribution in this research study as it is vastly appreciated.

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