Ultra Accessible Rental homes

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Ultra Accessible Rental homes

Hello ,

I am the CEO for a New Non-Profit in Texas called LIFE. The L.I.F.E program’s mission is to work with homeowners, contractors and other organizations to give rental homes ultra accessibility. Modifying rental homes for wounded men and women of the armed forces at no cost to the military member, their family or the homeowner. Bringing new LIFE to rental homes and allowing our Heroes and their families to Live In Freedom Everyday.
If you know someone in a rental that needs modifications for their wheelchair , vision impairment , Hearing or anything else that keeps them from being able to successfully and comfortably move around their rental home. PLEASE contact me .

Also this program is not possible without funding. So if you know someone who wants to donate to a cause , but needs to make sure their money is making an impact PLEASE give them my info.

We are new and need your help to help others.

Dusty Russell :

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