TBI and/or PTS No Cost Treatment

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TBI and/or PTS No Cost Treatment

My name is Jodi Curry and I am the Patient Advocate at the Carrick Brain Centers. We have a Veteran Program here to assist those who are suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress due to combat. I was hired on staff at Carrick to work with all the veterans that come through the program, my husband served in OIF and OEF and has made his way through the Carrick Program. We are both walking testimonies of how this program can work not only for the Veteran but also his/her family. The results of this program have taught my husband to be more focused, more diligent and a lot happier so that he can live a better lifestyle. He has also seen improvement in his memory and eye trimmers. My husband, Aaron will be the first to admit that he does not go to programs and hates putting the label of PTS and TBI on anything and wont do it because he is too much of a meat head to do so. He will now shout about how Carrick and the team here has helped him through some of the symptoms that he deals with on a day to day basis. With all of that being said, Carrick is starting another round of the Veteran Program which will start September 22nd. The program will last 10 days, Monday-Friday and is a completely no cost to the Veteran. The head of the Veteran Department here at Carrick spends all of her time working to raise awareness and donations so that treatment can be given at no cost. All of this includes the 10 days of treatment, hotel, meals, and a optional weekend activity with Xtreme Veteran Adventures. On the day of exit you will be given a folder that will include all of your pre/post results of coming through Carrick which you can take and do with as you please. Since we are a private facility, we do not release medical records. Meaning, you do not have to turn your records in to anyone unless you want and also outside facilities cannot request information from us. Carrick's goal is to help as many Veterans as we can and do it so that they do not have to pay anything out of pocket for care that they have earned. This is such a great opportunity to help those who let us live with FREEDOM. If you know of anyone that you think could benefit from Carrick please forward their information to them or I would be happy to reach out to them. Also, please feel free to ask any questions that you may have in regards to the treatment or if you would like more detail on how it has helped my husband and family.

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