Second Firsts: A Resource for Military Families

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Second Firsts: A Resource for Military Families

Dear Friends,

I'm Mitchell and I represent the non-profit organization, Second Firsts. Its founder, Christina Rasmussen is a life-coach, speaker, author, and philanthropist on a mission to re-shape how we see approach life re-entry. Whether we have lost a loved one, a dear friend, or even ourselves, we could all use a new, comprehensive method for tackling life after loss. When we experience some kind of loss whether it is a life, or a job, or a marriage, it is easy for us to slip into what Christina calls the "waiting room." We often don't know it, but this place traps us between our old life and a new one and Christina's Life Re-entry process helps you identify your personal situation and develop a strategy to make a change.

Christina's book, Second Firsts: Live, Love, and Laugh Again, has never had a higher purpose than supporting the families of our brave soldiers home and abroad. Like the Real Warriors Campaign, we understand the care that must be put into the reintegration process of which family support plays an integral part. This is a resource for active duty members, veterans, and affected family and friends. The book is essentially Christina's personal experience with loss and study of neuroscience compiled into one digestible and concrete guidebook that teaches you to see life after loss differently.

The president and CEO of the Dana-Farber Institute, Dr Edward J. Benz, Jr., the White House, Maria Shriver, and numerous other New York Times Bestselling authors have all endorsed Christina's book, but none of that matters if the message isn't reaching those really in need. So that is why I implore you to follow the links below, start making a change, and spread the word; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We thank those who serve and have served for our great nation and the strong, dedicated families who support them.

With Warm Regards,
Mitchell Cooledge
Communications Coordinator and Second Firsts Crusader

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