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Resiliency Programs for Military Families

marine reunited with family

U.S. Marine Corps photo by Pfc. Nicholas Guevara

Balancing the demands of military service with family life can be hard. It is common for service members and their families to feel stress for many reasons. Frequent moves, deployments, or grief and loss can all negatively affect service members, spouses and their children.

The ability of a military family to build strength is critical to mission readiness. A service member’s psychological health can have a significant effect on spouses and children.In turn, children or spouses struggling to cope with a psychological health concern can affect a service member’s readiness. Building family strength can help you support each other and get through hard times. It’s also important for overall quality of life

The good news is that there are effective programs to help families thrive under the pressures of military life. Each service offers their own family resources and programs. These help with a wide array of issues like deployments, moving, finances, spouse employment, transition assistance, behavioral health, family care and more. Programs and resources include:

Counseling Resources for Military Families

If you find it tough to cope with the rigors of family life in the military there are free resources that can help. For example, the Military and Family Life Counseling Program (MFLCP) provides non-medical help. Their trained counselors who understand the unique challenges of military life can provide confidential, short-term counseling on topics including:

  • Deployment adjustments
  • Stress Management
  • Personal Relationships
  • Marriage
  • Problems at work
  • Grief and loss

Counseling is available for individuals, couples or groups. Sessions can be held in person, online or over the phone. To contact a MFLCP counselor, visit the MilitaryINSTALLATIONS database. Select the Family Center program. Then, enter your installation name or postal code.

Similar, confidential counseling is available through Military OneSource. Contact a counselor by calling 800-342-9647.

In cases of abuse, suicidal thoughts or concerns that require long-term attention, Military OneSource and MFLCP counselors can provide a referral. When they can’t meet your needs, they will connect you or your family with a higher level of care.

Your local chaplain may also be a useful resource for family support. They provide help with many of the same topics as counselors and offer religious and spiritual guidance. To reach a chaplain, contact the nearest military chapel. Or call Military OneSource at 1-800-342-9647.

If you or a loved one needs additional support, you can also contact the Psychological Health Resource Center 24/7 to confidentially speak with trained health resource consultants. Call 866-966-1020 or use the Real Warriors Live Chat. Or visit our “Seek Help, Find Care” page to see a list of key psychological health resources.

Additional Resources

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