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Family & Relationships

Family and relationships can be a great source of joy and support. Leaning on those you trust is a good way to cope with hard situations.

At times, however, families and relationships can also be a source of stress. Fortunately the Real Warriors Campaign can help you strengthen your relationships and keep your family healthy even while facing challenges. Use the following resources to learn more about how to develop and maintain strong relationships.

Recommended Resources

Maintaining Relationships with Loved Ones During Deployment

Military spouses and significant others provide an invaluable source of support to today’s service members. Loved ones can play a vital role in offering encouragement during a military career – especially during deployments when separation often goes hand-in-hand with concern for the safety of service members, coping as a single parent at home or worries about money or legal troubles.

5 Tips for Building Resilience in Your Relationship

Military life can be difficult for couples. Deployments, temporary duty assignments, PCS moves, and transitioning to civilian life can be challenging times. The stress, separation and danger that come with uniformed service can take a toll on any personal relationship.

Yet, through it all, service members must stay mission-ready. Worries at home can distract a service member during important missions or training. For this reason, relationship resilience is critical not just to the well-being of service members and their spouses, but to unit readiness.

This brochure outlines tools to help warriors feel connected and manage the common challenges of military life

7 Tools for Military Families Brochure

Learn about how the campaign's tools help families and warriors feel connected and manage the common challenges of military life.