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Free Support Program for Warriors in Transition

inTransition Coaching and Support Program

The men and women of the armed forces serve our nation around the globe. When transitions including deployment or permanent change of station (PCS) occur, it’s important to ensure that our nation’s warriors have the right support systems in place. For warriors who are receiving treatment for psychological health concerns, the inTransition Coaching and Support Program offers support as they move between health care systems or providers. This support helps warriors to effectively navigate changes and maintain mission readiness.

How Does InTransition Provide Coaching and Support?

The coaches working for the inTransition program are specially trained to support warriors who are concerned about their mental health treatment, have received new orders or are facing an upcoming change in status, relocation or return to civilian life. Specifically, this voluntary program supports individuals as they move between health care systems or providers by providing a personal coach — along with special resources and tools — that will help throughout the transition period.

When you contact inTransition, you will be assigned your own coach who will:

  • Coach you one-on-one as you go through your transition
  • Connect you with your new provider
  • Empower you with tools to continue making healthy life choices

All inTransition coaches are skilled counselors who:

  • Understand today’s military culture and issues
  • Understand and respect the importance of your privacy
  • Stay with you every step of the way

In addition, inTransition coaches have access to a large data warehouse of community resources, which means that they can provide specific information warriors need for their transition.

Who Is Eligible to Use the InTransition?

The following individuals are eligible to take advantage of the coaching and support services offered by the inTransition program:

  • Service members who recently received or are receiving behavioral health care scheduled for a permanent change of station or an extended temporary duty station.
  • Wounded, ill and injured service members who recently received or are receiving behavioral health care and are returning to their home station following rehabilitative care at a Military Treatment Facility, Warrior Transition Unit or Department of Veterans Affairs facility.
  • Service members who recently received or are receiving behavioral health care and are separating from active duty or otherwise are transitioning care to the Department of Veterans Affairs or TRICARE network.
  • Reserve component service members being activated who recently received or are receiving behavioral health care and must transition Department of Veterans Affairs care to a Military Treatment Facility or to the TRICARE network.
  • Service members making transitions from one location to another — including a deployed setting — who have been receiving behavioral health care, but do not fall into one of the categories above.

If you have questions about your eligibility — or the eligibility of a buddy or loved one — you can use the information below to contact inTransition directly.

How to Reach out for Support

Reaching out is a sign of strength — and there are two easy ways to contact the inTransition program. Simply ask your current health care provider or call one of the toll free numbers below:

  1. 800-424-7877 (toll-free inside the United States)
  2. 800-424-4685 (DSN) (toll-free outside the United States)
  3. 314-387-4700 (collect outside the United States)

And if you have additional questions about concerns related to psychological health or traumatic brain injury, don’t hesitate to contact the Psychological Health Resource Center by logging on to Real Warriors Live Chat or calling 866-966-1020. Trained health resource consultants are available 24/7 to answer all your questions about resources for psychological health and traumatic brain injury.

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