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6 Apps for Staying Mission Ready

Real Warriors App

Source: Real Warriors Campaign photo

Mobile apps are great tools for helping you manage your psychological health.  They can be used to support care or treatment, to connect with others for peer support, and allow you to track and share health information with your health care provider. Try these apps to stay mission ready.

6 Psychological Health Apps

1. Gain peer support with Real Warriors

Peer support can lead to a higher quality of life by connecting people who have been through similar situations. The Real Warriors app is an online photo-sharing service that encourages the military community to support their peers. Users can upload photos to the Wall, salute others, share photos via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr), and access 24/7 resources. This app is available for Apple devices.

2. Keep calm with Breathe2Relax  

Staying calm under stress can improve your overall health. The Breathe2Relax app can help you keep calm in times of stress. The app includes a series of breathing exercises to try on your own or with professional medical care. This app is available for Apple  and Android  devices.

3. Track your mood with the T2 MoodTracker

Tracking your mood over time can help you see how life’s stresses affect your psychological health. The T2 MoodTracker app lets you set daily reminders to record your mood and add notes for important events such as starting a new therapy. This app is available for Apple and Android devices.

4. Strengthen your fitness with LifeArmor

It is important to understand your symptoms and learn ways to manage your concerns. The LifeArmor app offers self-help tools across 17 topics such as sleep and post-traumatic stress. There are four main resources for each topic including signs and symptoms, self-assessment tools, tips for self-management and videos from members of the military community who have shared their experiences with seeking care. This app is available for Apple and Android devices.

5. Manage post-trauma symptoms with PTSD Coach

Knowing the symptoms that often occur after trauma is an important step in recovery. Understanding and managing those symptoms can decrease stress and improve your psychological health. The PTSD Coach app shares information and tools for tracking your symptoms. This app is available for Apple and Android devices.

6. Soothe yourself with Virtual Hope Box

Being able to self-comfort can provide relief from painful emotions. The Virtual Hope Box app stores personal, inspirational content that may be helpful in times of need. You can personalize the content and include items such as family photos or reminders of past successes. The app also provides relaxation and mindfulness exercises, and inspiring messages and quotes. This app is available for Apple and Android devices.

Note: Keep in mind that these apps do not replace a trained health care professional. While self-monitoring has positive benefits, it is important to keep your provider informed and seek additional care if needed.

Reaching Out

In addition to the apps listed above, the Real Warriors Campaign mobile site offers psychological health support. Speak confidentially with trained health resource consultants 24/7 at the Psychological Health Resource Center through the Real Warriors Campaign Live Chat. Using your smartphone, access the Psychological Health Resource Center by tapping “Reach Out 24/7” on the mobile site, by calling 866-966-1020 or by emailing resources@dcoeoutreach.org.

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