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Survivors Guilt - Contacting the fallen's family.


Hello, my friend was a surgical tech during his deployments. He has been out for a few years due to an injury, but suffers from PTSD. A large portion of his PTSD is from US soldiers he wasn't able to save. He personally lost 2 American soldiers while giving CPR.
If I had the info on the dates and places he was- is there a place I can contact to find out those two soldiers? I don't want to ask him because he may not remember and I don't want to further exacerbate his depression by talking about it w/o him bringing it up.

Vets Deserve Better


My sweetie is a Vietnam vet (USMC) that like many was exposed to Agent Orange, and like many is suffering multiple health problems from that. Through him and his friends, I've found out that care at the VA is sometimes inadequate or untimely. I've created a website (http://www.improvetheva2016.com) that has a link to a petition on change.org that I also created. It will go to the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs.
Please take a look and add your support. Thank you.

New Giving App - Veterans Call



I want to introduce you to our new app, Veterans Call - http://veteranscallusa.org/, that supports organizations who provide services for America's veterans, active service military and their families. Veterans Call offers individuals a simple, effective way to give back, positively impacting the lives of our country's servicemembers in just a few clicks.

FREE Webinar Trainings for Service Members & Families


FREE Webinar Trainings for Service Members & Families Providers

Are you a service member or know one experiencing depression, anxiety or suicidal thoughts? Are you having nightmares or trouble sleeping? Do you want to be a better spouse or parent?

Wanting to hear your stories


I lost a friend in Iraq. He died on a dusty road in Anbar Province. There was no warning. There was only anticipation, and then, death.

I was affected deeply by this loss. The conflict was no longer thousands of miles away. It was real and it was tangible. I got drunk and I shaved my head. I thought at the time it honored his memory.

I knew, even then, that my suffering paled in comparison to that of his immediate family and closest friends, and I felt compelled to say something – to do something – in his honor.

TBI and/or PTS No Cost Treatment


My name is Jodi Curry and I am the Patient Advocate at the Carrick Brain Centers. We have a Veteran Program here to assist those who are suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress due to combat. I was hired on staff at Carrick to work with all the veterans that come through the program, my husband served in OIF and OEF and has made his way through the Carrick Program. We are both walking testimonies of how this program can work not only for the Veteran but also his/her family.

Ohana Heroes Project Research Study


Dear Real Warriors members,

I am a University of Hawaii at Manoa researcher in the Psychology Department. I am posting this in the hope that the Real Warriors program, given the close match to our study, would help disseminate information about our study, the Ohana Heroes Project (ohanaheroes.com) to interested families.

Ultra Accessible Rental homes


Hello ,

Second Firsts: A Resource for Military Families


Dear Friends,

Helping Through Food Tidings


Military Families,

I wanted to introduce a free online tool designed to help a group schedule meals to be delivered to a family. The tool is called FoodTidings.

We developed this tool after years of coordinating schedules like this for friends and colleagues having a new baby, dealing with an illness, family member deployment, etc.


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