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Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit


Hello Real Warriors,

I want to recognize a great website: is the leading free resource for information on the Aid and Attendance pension benefit that helps senior veterans and their spouses pay for costs of senior care like assisted living, home care, or nursing home care. This benefit is very little known and not utilized nearly enough! Help us spread the word about this benefit!

Please go to for more information.

Veterans still get FREE Medical ID in 2017


Hello everyone,

We would like to share our guide on claiming free medical alert bracelets for veterans. We produced this infographic as part of our advocacy in building awarenesss of the VA program.

Veteran, needs advice about heart problems


I left for bootcamp for the air force 17 Dec 2013, and joined to be a firefighter. lost a bunch of weight and became really active and fit up until about halfway through tech school. I was still in shape and fine, until I started running out of breath quicker, and having chest pains while being inactive. It would just hurt to breathe around my heart. It felt like it swells up and cause it to make it harder to breathe. It slowly ruined my firefighter career, having to tell my superiors that I am physically inable to get the job done. So they sent me to the base doc.

Issues with Travel Pay


Since the VA has mandated the use of Bing Maps Dashboard by VA medical Centers, it has cut my travel distance by 17 miles. Now I know this isn't much.In fact it is only $15.12 on a round trip visit.
I average 3 to 4 trips to the VA each month.This can be as much as $60.48 a month reduction in Travel Pay.

The discrepancies in distance is due to a number of factors. The Bing map for starters has my house 4 miles in the opposite direction from where I live.

Veterans Connect Program


This topic is for anyone who has served any in any branch of the armed forces or state reserve portions of the U.S. military. We are conducting a veterans service program intended to help veterans, whether they have been deployed or not, get in touch with all the benefits available to them. We will provide you with access to all state-wide and local veterans benefit centers to make the most of the benefits you are entitled to.

US Service Members Who Stayed in VN After Tour Was Over


Hi all,

I'm an American writer who just got back from two years living in Vietnam, where I was teaching at an international university.

Veterans Education Success


If you have been ripped off by a for-profit college, there are several things you can do to get a remedy. The VA has a GI Bill Feedback System that requires the school to respond. Veterans Education Success also helps vets who have been ripped off.

"PTSD wont kill me". Story and ways to help this real warrio


Hello!! Please take some time to read this story about an amazing veteran. He was an Army Combat Medic and had two deployments as a front line medic with the Infantry. He sustained blast injuries from IEDs. One while riding in a vehicle and another one he stepped on while rushing in to save a fallen brother. But today we are focusing on another injury he sustained. One that can't be seen or removed with surgery. One that is a considered a diagnosis of death.

Veterans Call App


Hi veterans,

I want to introduce you to our new app, Veterans Call -, that supports organizations who provide services for America's veterans, active service military and their families. Veterans Call offers individuals a simple, effective way to give back, positively impacting the lives of our country's servicemembers in just a few clicks.

She Will Be Loved - PTSD MOVIE


CoffeeRing Entertainment -- an Award-Winning production company -- is half-way through shooting a new film that is centered around wartime PTSD, with a goal to shed some light on this debilitating disorder. It's an amazing film project, and they need YOUR HELP to see it through. Please take a look at their fundraising campaign (link below) and get involved! If you can not afford a financial contribution, please consider spreading the word on your social networks. It all makes a difference, and your time is very much appreciated.


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