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Will I lose my post 911 GI Bill benefits if I go AWOL

I am currently in the National Guard and have been serving for 11 years. I have served on 2 deployments to Iraq. I have currently received a job offering to work offshore, given that position I will not be able to meet my drill requirements. I have asked my Readiness NCO, 1sgt , and Commander to place me in the ING, they denied my request. I can't turn down this position. So my question is, if I AWOL out of the National Guard will I lose my post 911 GI Bill benefits?

Before Exiting Go Through A Medical Board!

A word to the wise, for any of you who have ever got an injury/ ill while in the military active duty or in the Reserves/ Guard go through a medical board.


I have been in the Guard for 6 years. I have deployed twice, once to Afghanistan and once to an undisclosed location in the middle east. Each time when I have returned i took my leave and then returned to my full time job within two weeks of returning home. I am married with one child. I love my family and I love being in the guard. each time after returning the reintegration has been hard on me. I feel as if i cannot get caught up on sleep or with my simple household chores as by the time i get to them my wife has already taken care of it.

Guard early discharge


Military Spouse Education Grants!

Hi everyone! I wanted to post this information for you :) Currently I am taking courses and love it, and I qualified for the grant, I know a lot of times us as National Guard & Reserve families we don't qualify and we do for this one!!! Here is the information I was given when I first signed up :)

$4000 Military Spouse Education Grant!

Meditec - A Company
AHDI & NALA Members
BBB Member with A+ Rating

Jobs in Washington State

The Washington Conservation Corps has partnered with the Department of Veterans Affairs and is offering 275 jobs. Check it out.

New website for Army National Guard Soldiers and Families

Check out the Army National Guard's new website Guard Your Health:! Guard Your Health is a resource for Army National Guard Soldiers and family members to find health-related tools and information. Hear from fellow Soldiers and Families. Make medical readiness part of your personal mission.

My Child in the Army

I am having a terrible time adjusting to having a child in the Army. I tell Child that I am very proud, it's a good decision b/c of all the wonderful benefits. Child is at pre-deploy training and it is killing me. I will never be able to handle deployment. I am just sick about this. I pray & pray & try to hand it over to the LORD's big, capable hands, but it is not working. I have tried talking to a my doctor & pastor, but they each tell me "Don't worry--you'll be fine!"


Happy New Year to everyone! Today marks the beginning of a fresh, new year and many have already made their list of New Year's resolutions. I've decided on just not give in to the temptation to give up. "To those of you whose dreams have been denied thus far in your life, hang on....To those for whom the future looks blank and empty, do not roll over and die....Whoever you are, what ever your situation, do not give up. Do not stop short of the Lord's plan for your life.

cool free veterans film

Saw this great veterans tribute film on Youtube, images of World War 1 with the voices or present day veterans. Very moving


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