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Martial Arts Uniforms


I am the founder of a cause called Gi's4GI's. We provide good used Gi's to Active Duty personnel and Veterans. It's our mission to help, by providing this at no cost to the recipient.
If you could check out my Facebook page you will see pictures of a seminar we conducted last week. This is a small portion of the support our community has for the sacrifice you are all making. Thank you for your service. Please let me know if I can help provide you a gi, to start or continue your journey in the martial arts.

To Quell The Korengal


I recently published my book about our deployment to the Korengal Valley, Afghanistan. I'd like to think it's pretty good read. Lots of action and grunt humor. I also wrote it in a manner that civilians can understand. So maybe if you want your family to have a better idea of what we have to go through over there, this might help them out. Thanks for your time.

Asking for help.


Go to YouTube and search: Meet the Canttalks by Irving Gerber. It may help begin a needed conversation.
or go to the link:

My Story


This is my first time to this forum. I was pointed in this direction by my last command's Suicide Prevention Coordinator and I wanted to check it out and tell my story. I've been in the Navy almost 12 years now. A lot of what this site seems to be geared toward are soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen who are coming back from a highly stressful deployment. While I do wholeheartedly believe that the mental health of our post-deployment personnel is a legitimate and serious concern, I don't believe that's all we need to be concerned about.

You congratulated by patrice


This forum is excellent! I love what you do, thank you very much to you and the members of this forum.

Re: Soldier needs advice


This is a late response, but hopefully someone else will need the same advice. Talk to your Patient Evaluation Board (PEB) Liason Officer (PEBLO). If this person is unresponsive, ask to talk to the lead PEBLO or ombudsman. I've also gotten help a number of times from the Wounder Warrior Hotline when a organization was particularly difficult to understand or a case was complex- they have staffing 24/7.

Mother of dead soldier donates $25,000 to school

Mother of dead soldier donates $25,000 to school
Associated Press
8:25 a.m. CST, February 7, 2012
The mother of an Army soldier who committed suicide last year has donated $25,000 to help fund scholarships to an alternative school in northern Indiana where her son was a student.



I am a mother of two United States Soldiers. I very proud mother. On July.7th 2011, my son took his own life. He had returned from Afghanistan and was noticeably different. No longer the fun loving, joyful, full of life young man that we had loved. But someone that clearly was suffering . He would not respond to our concerns for his well being. His simple answer of *Im fine. Dont worry* rings in my ears to this day. My son was stationed at Ft. Lewis Mcchord.


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