How Proper Medication Use Helps You Stay Mission Ready

Your health and safety are key to staying mission ready. This is a responsibility shared by both you and your health care provider.

Preventing Prescription Drug Misuse

Many treatment plans for psychological and physical wounds alike include the use of prescription medications. Certain types, such as those to treat pain or anxiety, have the potential to cause dependence.

What to Expect in Therapy

Thinking about attending a therapy session for the first time might make you feel uncomfortable.

Understanding and Using Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines

There is an increased focus on providing evidence-based care in both the military and civilian health care systems.

Psychological Health Resources for Reservists

Reservists often have unique challenges balancing military service with civilian life.

Understanding the Types of Psychological Health Care

Being a patient can be confusing at times. Your psychological health care options may seem unclear, or you may be unsure about what a certain treatment means.

Types of Psychological Health Professionals

Maintaining psychological resilience, often thought of as mental fitness, is critical to your overall health and readiness.

How to Become a TRICARE-Authorized Provider

TRICARE is the Defense Department’s health care program for active-duty service members, National Guard and reserve members, retirees, their families and survivors.

Clinical and Non-Clinical Care Resources

Service members and their families experience unique pressures, such as managing transitions, separations, cross-country moves and handling their personal finances.

Tips for Transitioning Psychological Health Care to a New Provider

When making the transition from your current psychological health provider to a new provider, it helps to plan ahead.


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