Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury in the News

  • Yoga course at Calif. college helps veterans heal, Stars and Stripes — 3/12/2013

    Seeking relief for her husband's injuries, Andy's wife, Denise, discovered WarriorsOne Yoga, a new yoga class exclusively for veterans and their spouses at Las Positas College.

  • Combat Stress Felt Far From Front Lines, — 3/12/2013

    The military has begun to grapple with the mental and emotional strains endured by personnel who may never come face to face with a Taliban insurgent, never dodge a roadside bomb or take fire, but who nevertheless may be responsible for taking human lives or putting their colleagues in mortal danger.

  • Program, Sugarbush offer free day of skiing to veterans, Burlington Free Press — 3/11/2013

    The Home Base Program is a joint project of the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital that helps coax veterans, particularly those with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury, into treatment, and helps clinicians and the general public understand those conditions.

  • Healing waters, Hartford Courant — 3/11/2013

    There is something to be said for the relaxing qualities of fly fishing. But for veterans, the activity can bring healing as well.

  • Salem State Helping Returned Veterans Help Themselves, WGBH News — 3/8/2013

    Like many war veteran and military students, Lippens has unique challenges.

  • Navy Creates iPad App for Fending off PTSD, — 3/8/2013

    The Office of Naval Research (ONR) is co-funding an affordable, hi-tech, solution for managing stress that could help prevent post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), helping warfighters and potentially saving billions of dollars in associated medical costs, officials announced March 6.

  • Pinpointing the problem: Acupuncture helps veterans ease stress, anxiety, — 3/7/2013

    Each Wednesday Carol Hemauer hauls her gear from her Westshore Acupuncture office to the Oshkosh Masonic Center to provide free treatments for military veterans through the Oshkosh Veterans Acupuncture Project.

  • Service dogs help military veterans cope with PTSD, CBC News — 3/7/2013

    Some Manitoba military veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder say a program involving service dogs is helping them rebuild their lives.

  • New Nonprofit Targets PTSD, Good Times — 3/6/2013

    Soquel resident Karen Egan witnessed firsthand how post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) changes lives, first with her father, who lived with PTSD after serving in the Vietnam War, and then with her 26-year-old son Ben Rudolph.

  • Army Seeks to Improve Troop Resilience as Suicides Increase, U.S. Medicine — 3/6/2013

    Against the backdrop of an uptick in suicides in its ranks, the Army announced that it is developing a campaign to increase mental health resilience among troops.

  • Veterans and families work to raise awareness about military suicides, — 3/5/2013

    Andrew O'Brien may have survived a tour in Iraq, but he nearly succumbed to the depression that followed when he returned.

  • Beyond PTSD – Helping to Heal the Trauma of Combat Through Massage Therapy, Integrative Healthcare — 3/5/2013

    Transitioning from an existence weighed down with the constant tensions of being deployed in a war-torn country, away from family and friends and all things familiar can be extremely difficult.

  • Wounded Warriors find fellowship on the slopes, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette — 3/4/2013

    Mr. Burmeister was one of 11 veterans and their families who were treated to four days of skiing at the Seven Springs resort last week, courtesy of the resort and the Wounded Warrior Patrol. All have wounds, some physical, some psychological.

  • General, wife share story of tragedy, encourage JBLM soldiers to seek help, The Bellingham Herald — 3/4/2013

    Graham, 58, traveled to Joint Base Lewis-McChord this week to share his family’s story and to encourage soldiers to confront the “deadly stigma” that prevents troops from seeking help in moments of distress.

  • Oak Park Veterans Center makes new home in Forest Park, Oak Park Veterans Center — 3/1/2013

    On Feb. 15, the Oak Park Vet Center celebrated the grand opening of its sparkling new facility at 1515 S. Harlem.


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