Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury in the News

  • Screening of 'Riding My Way Back' at Monmouth County Library Headquarters, Asbury Park Press — 06/04/2015

    The Monmouth County Library is pleased to announce the screening of Riding My Way Back, the new award-winning, short documentary about the powerful healing of therapeutic riding for a veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury.

  • County to launch service dog program for veterans, Stars and Stripes — 06/04/2015

    Franklin County commissioners want to have service dogs available for local veterans. A state grant will launch Operation Save-A-Vet, Save-A-Pet. Dogs can ease the severity of post traumatic stress disorder.

  • Band to Aid Military Vets With 'What's Next?' Campaign, Loudwire — 06/03/2015

    A band has joined forces with The Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital’s Home Base program in an effort to raise awareness and donations for the needs of post 9/11 military vets. The Home Base program was created to help heal veterans and their families of such wounds of war as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injuries.

  • Tattoos and the military featured in museum's latest exhibit, — 06/03/2015

    SERVICE INK is composed of photographs and stories about 40 individuals' military inspired tattoos acquired through a community call. Some of the tattoos were selected and acquired to help cope with PTSD – often by honoring a spiritual connection to nature, peace and beauty.

  • Operation Rock the Troops raises money for service members with PTSD, ABC 7 News — 06/02/2015

    Operation Rock the Troops helps those with traumatic brain injury and PTSD realize they can do anything as well as give back in the form of music.

  • The saltwater treatment, Virginian-Pilot — 06/02/2015

    Of all the ways wounded veterans cope with injuries physical and mental, including PTSD, the Wave Warriors crew says becoming one with the sea is a pretty good way to go.

  • Animal shelter helps veterans relieve PTSD symptoms, Idaho Statesman — 06/01/2015

    United States Army veteran Nicholas Willis used to be unable to drive due to post-traumatic stress disorder, but he now gladly gets behind the wheel with his foster dogs at his side.

  • Veterans use uniforms to make art, tell their stories, Stars and Stripes — 06/01/2015

    A total of 27 veterans, including those with PTSD, are participating in this year’s Combat Paper project. The veterans art movement project is not “art therapy,” but a way for veterans to tell their individual stories.

  • Injured Military Veterans Strengthened by Alaskan Fishing Trip, May 19-23, SF Gate — 05/29/2015

    Freedom Alliance, a charitable organization that supports our nation’s injured service members, hosted an exclusive saltwater Alaskan fishing excursion May 19-23 for 11 deserving soldiers from across the country. In attendance were veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries, as well as other combat-related physical injuries.

  • Army Vet Dan Perkins Creates "Songs and Stories for Soldiers" Providing MP3 Players for Active Duty Soldiers, — 05/29/2015

    Songs and Stories for Soldiers provides free, customizable electronic entertainment for members of the American Military, both active and retired. Many have PTSD, and although they may fall asleep, they can't stay asleep.

  • Military veterans in Denver metro area use gardening as a form of therapy, The Denver Post — 05/28/2015

    Marine Corps veteran Buck Adams founded Veterans to Farmers, a program that helps vets develop skills that would enable them to go into business for themselves. Veterans in the program have post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety and depression.

  • Horses provide therapy for military veterans looking to heal, — 05/28/2015

    Equine Services for Heroes incorporates horses into the healing process for veterans and active duty military, including those with PTSD, and their families.

  • Connecticut veteran with PTSD finds purpose in helping fellow vets, Stars and Stripes — 05/27/2015

    Former U.S. Army Capt. Justin Nash, who has PTSD, and his brother founded ‘Till Duty is Done (TDID), an organization that seeks to help returning veterans by providing them a slice of the rigid armed forces lifestyle that had vanished so suddenly upon their discharge.

  • Healing the invisible wounds of war with yoga, CBS This Morning — 05/27/2015

    Air Force veteran Chris Eder's two tours of duty in Iraq included some near-death experiences. When he came home, he was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Eder said the only thing that keeps "the bear" at bay, is yoga.

  • Ala. company training dogs to help veterans, The Tennessean — 05/22/2015

    iK9 is training PTSD service and emotional support dogs. Service dogs learn five tasks aimed at facilitating veterans with PTSD.


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