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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) and combat stress that leads to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have been described as the invisible, signature wounds of war. As a health professional treating service members or their families, you have an important role on the forefront of military medicine. Real Warriors provides TBI, combat stress and PTSD information specifically tailored to health care providers. Review evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, discover signs and symptoms of combat stress, learn in-depth specifics about military culture and access resources to help you become a TRICARE-accepting physician.

  • How to Join the TRICARE Network
    There are three TRICARE geographical regions in the United States, each with its own TRICARE regional contractor that sets the terms and conditions for credentialing and certifying a provider for whatever level of participation the provider chooses. Real Warriors provides the tips and resources to navigate TRICARE and learn about provider types and the benefits of becoming a TRICARE-accepting physician.
  • Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines
    Medical and scientific research on how to prevent, screen for and treat TBI, PTSD and related conditions is constantly adding to our body of knowledge. Real Warriors directs you to guidelines that include effective therapies, counseling and medications.
  • Understanding the Military Culture and Combat Stress
    An alarming percentage of service members are not seeking help for psychological health issues—they admit a fear being stigmatized or jeopardizing their military careers. Real Warriors provides health care providers the resources you need to be able to relate to and understand the unique needs of your military patients.
  • Resources
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