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Tuesday, October 11, 2011
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Share Your Story with the Real Warriors Campaign
Share Your StoryThe Real Warriors Campaign is looking for new profilees for one of our most important features: video profiles. Our video profiles feature stories of real service members who have reached out for support and are continuing to maintain successful military or civilian careers. Sharing these stories of overcoming challenges related to seeking care for invisible wounds breaks down psychological barriers to care, encourages others to seek support and lets warriors know that they are not alone. If you would like to share your story with the Real Warriors Campaign, please contact us.
New Articles
Total Force Fitness - Overview
http://www.realwarriors.net/active/treatment/totalforcefitness.phpKeeping fit means more than just physical fitness - it requires a comprehensive approach that focuses on the mind, body and spirit working together. Stress and associated symptoms, such as headaches or anxiety, can reduce the ability to maintain appropriate weight, fitness and nutrition. Achieving total fitness can reduce depression and help prevent a progression to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Understanding the Integrated Disability Evaluation System
Understanding the Integrated Disability Evaluation SystemWounded, ill or injured service members receive disability evaluations by Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) certified doctors using VA guidelines, while the Defense Department uses these same exams to determine if the service member is fit for duty. This article details the roles and responsibilities for medical providers associated with the Integrated Disability Evaluation System, as well as important training courses available to providers on learning their decision-making responsibilities.
Free Mini-Brochures
Real Warriors MaterialsThe Real Warriors Campaign offers a variety of mini-brochures developed to encourage help-seeking behavior among service members, veterans and military families coping with invisible wounds. Five Tools That Reinforce Psychological Strength highlights free, confidential resources that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Seven Tools That Reinforce Psychological Strength offers two additional resources geared toward members of the National Guard and reservists. The campaign’s newest brochure, Seven Tools To Reinforce Military Family Resilience, provides free, confidential resources to help families manage the common challenges of military life.

Anyone can use the brochures to encourage service members, veterans and military families to access available resources for psychological health concerns. These brochures and other campaign materials are available to order free-of-charge using our Shopping Cart feature. Orders for bulk quantities are welcome. To reduce our shipping costs, we recommend ordering enough materials to cover a six-month time period.
Partner Spotlight
American Red Cross
The American Red Cross’ Service to the Armed Forces division provides around-the-clock humanitarian support to service members, veterans and their families worldwide. The division’s programs focus on emergency communications, support to military and veteran medical care facilities and social services to families, including two psychological health support courses: Coping with Deployments and The Coming Home Series

American Red Cross on Twitter American Red Cross on Facebook.
PSA: Emmit Smith and Jerome Bettis
PSA: Emmit Smith and Jerome Bettis
Upcoming Events
Real Warriors Upcoming Events
The Real Warriors Campaign may be in your area soon! Visit our Events tab on Facebook to keep up with campaign events. You don’t need a Facebook account to visit the Events tab, but we’d love for you to like us online.
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